What if we chased away the old ideas?

As a specialist in coaching programs and employee experience solutions, SKILFI transforms preconceived ideas:

Preconceived idea n°1: videoconferencing coaching is not efficient

Skilfi coaches practice their activity face-to-face and via videoconferencing. Beyond their essential expertise to work remotely and the ability to create appropriate supports, they have the gift of creating the link with their interlocutor and make you forget the camera for your comfort.

Misconception number 2: Individual coaching is expensive

When working by videoconference, our costs are lower. This advantage is reflected in our rates.

Preconceived idea n°3: one hour of coaching is not enough

We assess your needs and offer you a tailored number of hours of support.

The coach develops his coaching strategy according to the problem you want to solve. He or she can submit a reflexive preparatory work to you, which you send him or her before your appointment. Your coach is already prepared. When you start, he then precisely targets, with you, the specific objective of the session by making sure that it is realistic: it is the session agreement. In 1 hour, he can help you to solve a specific situation.

Misconception number 4: it is difficult to find a good coach

Skilfi has managed this selection for you. We offer you the most competent certified coaches with different company experiences to meet everyone’s expectations.

Preconceived idea n°5: coaching is only reserved for managers

Coaching can be very effective in any position you hold. It helps you resolve conflicts, develop your career, gain confidence and manage your professional transitions.