Duration: 8 individual sessions from 1 to 2 hours (total 10 hours) + 16 hours of accompanied work and follow-up

PRICE: 2 250 EUR excl. VAT


Returning to his country is often a sensitive step on both a personal and professional level. Expatriates are faced with a triple task: administrative procedures, the reconstruction of a social life and also the professional reintegration into their company or elsewhere.

This training allows you to:

  • Identify the common thread of your career and needs on a personal and professional level, as well as understand the characteristics of your expatriation
  • Rely on your skills and strengths to quickly regain confidence and energy
  • Define a precise action plan for his return from expatriation
  • Acquire the keys to successful rehabilitation in the cultural context of the return from expatriation to France
  • Quickly find your brands and professional development


A return from expatriation is a reflective process that should be considered as a new expatriation.

8 sessions will punctuate the rhythm of the reflection to which is added an intermediate work carried out correlatively by the trainee and the trainer.

The content of the sessions is as follows:

  • Specification of objectives
  • Identification of the common thread of his professional career, which is done through a detailed analysis of his expatriation in a cultural context different from his country of origin. What were the key steps in this expatriation, the successes, the possible failures? What were the areas of efficiency, comfort, pleasure and satisfaction? What new skills have been acquired during this period? This module includes a two-hour session.
  • Rely on your strengths and motivations to quickly regain confidence and energy. During this stage, the aim is to help the trainee to formalise his or her points of support in terms of professional skills, knowledge and motivation before and after the expatriation period. This module includes a two-hour session.
  • Identification of its combination of skills that will make it possible to characterize a value proposition upon its return from expatriation. This phase will make it possible to build a realistic and coherent professional project. In concrete terms, this involves developing project ideas with the principle of opening up one’s thinking as much as possible, which can be translated into projection strategies at several levels. This module includes a one-hour session.
  • Have a first action plan following the prioritisation of project paths and support the trainee in developing the best implementation strategy. Introduce the trainee to the communication tools for the implementation of his project: e-mails, social networks, personal network… This module includes a one-hour session.
  • Development and animation of a professional network rich in expatriation experience but also new contacts in France. What are the most important professional events and meetings in France? How to use your school network when you return, what communication to adopt to improve your network? Finally, how to detect “hidden” opportunities in your network. This module includes a one-hour session.
  • Optimization of its value proposition to successfully prepare the next steps of its project. This module consists of two one-hour sessions.
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One-on-one training in videoconferencing.

Required equipment: a computer equipped with a camera and microphone, internet access


Any expatriate returning from expatriation.

Anyone who is the partner of an expatriate returning from an expatriation.


Know how to use a computer equipped with a camera and microphone and how to surf the Internet


Flexible dates, on request


  • My portfolio of experiences: key steps, extra-professional experiences, reflection on the performance of missions and the expatriation period
  • Mapping my resources: Document describing achievements and document summarizing professional preferences (skills, abilities, knowledge)
  • Document analysing motivations and demotivation factors


  • Customized training on return from expatriation: better than a group session, the trainee benefits from a real diagnosis of his or her expatriation path.
  • An intensive and personalized training focused on its strengths, its combination of skills, its key values.
  • This program is run by trainers with an excellent knowledge of the expatriation world.


To succeed in your “Aide au retour expatriation” program, it is important to keep time to work on the reflexive supports that are offered to you. The schedule of appointments is established by mutual agreement to respect your pace and availability as well as the dynamics of the program.

You are free to choose, at your own pace, an additional session with your consultant.


French market only: SKILFI is a training organisation registered with the Prefect of the Île-de-France region under number 11 75 58109 75. This registration does not constitute State approval.

Our offers can be supported as part of vocational training by the employer, a Skills Operator (OPCO), the regions, or any other training funder.

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