Duration: 24 hours
8 individual sessions of a total duration of 14H in videoconference + 10H of accompanied work including a personality test.

PRICE: 1 590 EUR excl. VAT


How can you better know your professional strengths? How to set up a new professional project? How to understand the difficulties linked to one’s current situation and analyse one’s skills?

Each professional situation is particular. Analyzing one’s strengths, better understanding one’s limitations, getting to know oneself better through a personality test is necessary in order to choose the professional path that best suits us.

This skills assessment allows you to :

  • Take a step back in order to give yourself a new professional dynamic.
  • Analyze personal and professional skills
  • Take inventory of his skills, aptitudes and motivations
  • Building your professional project
  • Put in place a skills acceleration plan
  • Use your assets as a negotiating tool for career development


One-on-one training in videoconferencing.

Required equipment: a computer equipped with a camera and microphone, internet access


Any active person


Know how to use a computer equipped with a camera and microphone and how to surf the Internet


Flexible dates, on request


  • Personalized support for the beneficiary towards a professional project in line with his or her strengths.
  • Intensive and individual training focused on an in-depth exploration of your achievements and success factors.
  • This program is facilitated by trainers with excellent experience in distance skills assessment and successful operational experiences.


This individual training alternates analysis, practical exercises and role-playing and includes a professional interest test and a personality test.


The schedule of appointments is flexible and set up according to your availability and the dynamics of the program.


On the French market only: SKILFI is a training organisation registered with the Prefect of the Île-de-France region under number 11 75 58109 75. This registration does not constitute State approval.

Our offers can be supported as part of vocational training by the employer, a Skills Operator (OPCO), the regions, or any other training funder.