Because your human and interpersonal skills are crucial to the success of your professional projects, we help you develop them


image james kwan

James Kwan

APAC | Career Transition Coaching | Executive Coaching | Leadership Development | Fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese
Image Yee Eng Skilfi

Yee Eng Lee

Asia Pacific | Career Fulfilment | Leadership Development | Work-life Integration | Fluent English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Malay
image Minlie Skilfi

Minlie Wong

Asia Pacific | Board level facilitation and planning | Fluent English, Chinese

Laurence Madiot

USA | Stress Management | Communication | Management | Fluent French - English
coach skilfi

Laure-Aglaé Chazelle

Europe | Adaptation | Stress management | Time management | Self-confidence | Fluent French - English

Paulo Salvador

Europe | Executive Coach. 25 years of experience in operations, sales & global marketing | Fluent English - French - Portuguese - Spanish

Carole El-Zein Corbanese

Europe | Executives - Managers - Entrepreneur Coaching - Multicultural Coaching | Fluent English – French – Arabic
photo amal coach skilfi

Amal Zoora

Europe | Soft skills development | Business performance development | Fluent French - English
photo pierre maurin mentor

Pierre Maurin

Europe | Senior business executive and entrepreneur. Expert in international development. Specialized in Europe and Asia Pacific | Fluent French - English
image solveig

Solveig Debray Sandelin

Europe | Career development | Communication improvement | Leadership Development | Fluent French - English
Coach skilfi

Brigitte Garnier

Europe | Taking up a position | Managerial posture | Communication | Fluent French

Stéphanie Necca

Europe | Stress management | Communication | Self confidence | Fluent French
image coach skilfi

Vinciane Dantec

Europe | Conflict prevention and management | Managerial posture | Self-confidence | Fluent French
image coach skilfi

Veronique Lenfant

Europe | Career Management | Assertiveness | Interpersonal communication | Motivation | Fluent French
Photo Jean-Paul

Jean-Paul Berquand

Europe | Coaching for executives and managers. Experience in HR department of a major industrial group | Fluent French, English