make it easier to onboard


Today, companies are facing new challenges: some skills are scarce and successful companies are experiencing rapid growth that needs to be controlled.

This is why more and more companies are integrating “onboarding” programs to involve and develop the commitment of new employees.

According to a study conducted by the human resources consulting firm Alhambra International:

36% of permanent contracts are terminated before their first birthday
4% of new employees leave work after a disastrous first day
86% of candidates make their decision to leave or remain in the company during the first 6 months following their recruitment
The objective of an onboarding program is to create links with the employee well before his or her arrival, then to help him or her adapt quickly to the company’s corporate culture in order to be more efficient in his or her new role.

On the new employee’s side, an onboarding program may be useful and even mandatory, particularly when he arrives in a “live” position, or in an expatriation context, or when the position is “exposed”.

To do this, one of the steps in an onboarding program is to set up a support solution. Having an external coach allows the new employee to take on new challenges, to set up a relevant communication strategy in his exchanges with his new colleagues/collaborators, to better anticipate occasional or recurring difficulties or to know how to react in critical or crisis situations. 

Today, creating the conditions necessary for employees to develop and enjoy their position is a key factor in their future performance.

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