Duration: 3 individual sessions of 2H (total 6H) + 10H of accompanied work and individual follow-up

PRICE: 990 EUR excl. VAT


  • Analyze a predefined project in terms of skills, performance and motivation;
  • Identify factors that generate anxiety or demotivation.

This “Accelerate performance” training is specially designed to clear up your project and accelerate its implementation.


The content of the sessions is as follows:

  • Analysis of the situation and definition of expectations: explain the project to the trainer, carry out a first analysis and initiate a reflection at a first level to clarify the objective. This module consists of a two-hour session
  • Define performance levers: specify professional performance in terms of knowledge, skills and qualities based on a factual analysis of the highlights of your experience. Identify factors that generate anxiety or demotivation. This module consists of a two-hour session.
  • SWOT analysis: carry out a complete analysis of the various parameters for the project. This module consists of a two-hour session.


  • An individual training tailored and targeted to meet a need for performance and improvement
  • Fast and efficient decision support in line with its key motivational factors
  • This program is led by trainers with an excellent knowledge of the levers of professional performance and many successful operational experiences.


This individual training alternates theoretical courses, practical exercises and simulations.

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Individual training in videoconferencing.

Required equipment: a computer equipped with a camera and microphone, internet access


Any person who is working or looking for work or in professional transition, in particular, employees in the private sector, employees in the public sector.

The situation in which an employee wishes to accelerate his professional performance is linked to the desire to acquire more skills in the context of future professional development.


Know how to use a computer equipped with a camera and microphone and how to surf the Internet


Flexible dates, on request


The schedule of appointments is established by mutual agreement to respect his time and availability as well as the dynamics of the “Accelerate his professional performance” program.

To succeed in this program, it is important to keep time to work on the reflective supports that are offered.


On the French market only, SKILFI is a training organisation registered with the Prefect of the Île-de-France region under number 11 75 58109 75. This registration does not constitute State approval.

Our offers can be supported as part of vocational training by the employer, a Skills Operator (OPCO), the regions, or any other training funder.

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