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Greetings and Outlooks 2020

The year 2020, which marks the beginning of a new decade, is starting for SKILFI and we would like to thank you for your loyalty. 

The year 2019 has been dedicated to the development of a complete range of professional support solutions around career management, soft skills development and leadership, through individual coaching.

Leadership, and in particular the way a leader will implement all his qualities and abilities, is one of the major topics of this new decade.

The trainings we offer allow for an individual accompaniment towards learning new skills, while the coaching is focused on action, “acting better” and allows to face and adapt to complex or even conflicting situations or to undertake and accomplish professional projects in a specific context. These two modes of support are complementary and beneficial both for employees and their companies.

Today, coaching meets a growing demand from employees, in a context where the hierarchy tends to operate more horizontally and where “employee experience” is at the heart of everyone’s expectations.

The quality of our coaching but above all its positive and effective consequences in terms of productivity gains are a priority for us. Coaching or training must lead to results and a concrete action plan, particularly in terms of personal development and career management. Our solutions cover even outplacement and business creation to enable each individual to assess his or her achievements, to initiate an action plan on his or her new job search and to commit and act by exploring new horizons such as entrepreneurship.

Through these wishes, we would like to thank our coaches, who make it possible to respond to all these requests. The expertise in their field, their professional experience in operational functions as well as their ability to adapt to the needs of each individual, through the implementation of these training programs, personalized coaching or action plans are the key to the success of our coaching solutions.

In this year 2020, we will continue to focus on the quality of our support solutions so that everyone, employees, companies and coaches can develop their own talent.

In particular, one of our priorities will be to ensure our international development, especially in Europe and Asia, where our new coaches will begin their coaching.

We wish you once again, on behalf of the entire SKILFI team, a very happy new year 2020 full of health, happiness, prosperity and growth!

Anne-Charlotte Vaillant

Pierre Maurin