Individual sessions of 1 hour by videoconference

Situational coaching is an individual support that allows an employee to better manage or better live a specific situation in his professional environment

Why choose situation coaching?

1. To better manage a stressful situation
2. To cope with an overload of activity
3. To regain self-confidence when faced with a specific situation
4. To work on an oral presentation or a public speech
5. To be more efficient, more effective in the context of a complex project, a strategic contract…
6. To work on a relationship problem with a person
7. To improve its management style


We offer you a specific program adapted to your needs.
The duration varies according to the specificity of the situation, its importance for the company and the degree of emergency in the responses to be provided.
Throughout the program, materials are available and made available to the employee.



The system is flexible and can be adapted to each situation experienced in a company.

Your employee accesses his coach’s online agenda and books his session for a videoconference exchange in a neutral and confidential setting.

From distance.

Required equipment: computer with camera and microphone