Duration: 7 individual sessions of 1 hour each by videoconference + 11 hours of accompanied work and individual follow-up

PRICE: 1 500 EUR excl. VAT


All employees, managers and company directors are required in their careers to communicate constantly with their colleagues and to speak in public. Oral communication and speaking are difficult exercises and become more and more frequent as your career progresses. It is therefore a question of preparing for it and mastering not only your speech but also the gestures, attitude and tone used to communicate effectively.

This training allows you to:

  • Develop oral communication skills, public speaking skills
  • Develop your argumentation and know how to convince
  • Assert yourself in your interventions
  • Clearly express your ideas
  • Manage your speaking time
  • Gain clarity and overcome stage fright
  • Adopt effective behaviour in exchanges


7 sessions will punctuate the rhythm of the programme “Improving oral communication and public speaking”, to which is added an intermediate work carried out correlatively by the trainee and the trainer.

The content of the sessions is as follows:

  • Specification of objectives
  • Clearly structuring his intervention also intervenes in the qualities of the speaker, for this purpose,  it is to help the trainee in this programme to better identify the characteristics and expectations of his audience in order to adapt his message, objectively analyse the context in which each one intervenes and organise his ideas.
  • Improve your speaking skills through a better knowledge of your speaking skills: how to control your stage fright, better define your objectives during an oral presentation and transform your trainer’s feedback into opportunities for progress.
  • Clearly structuring your speaking skills also means having a more precise self-image, by capitalizing on your personal assets to develop your confidence and authenticity, by matching the image you want to project with the image perceived by others and by better valuing your personality. Preparing for public speaking is also one of the key points of this personalized support program by freeing oneself from psychological inhibitions and physical tensions to be present, by working better on one’s voice, gestures, gaze, breathing and silences, and by letting emotions speak. These first two themes (Improving speaking skills and Clearly structuring speaking skills) are addressed with theoretical content during two sessions and practical exercises during two other sessions.
  • Adopting effective behaviour in exchanges will be the other key point of this programme, with the reinforcement of listening and adaptation skills, the decoding of the interlocutor’s true message, the practice of the art of questioning and reformulation for constructive communication and the search for an attitude, tone and words that facilitate these exchanges.
  • The other themes related to effective behaviour in exchanges are linked to the discovery of communication traps to avoid them, particularly in questions and the need to assert oneself in one’s interventions to establish one’s presence, channel and control exchanges. This module is divided into two sessions, the first of which focuses on listening and discovering the pitfalls and the second on the need to assert oneself in one’s interventions. They are illustrated by concrete situations experienced by the trainee.


  • Personalized public speaking training: better than a traditional training, the trainee benefits from a real diagnosis on his communication skills and a video simulation if he wishes
  • Intensive and personalized training focused on discovering your strengths and rapidly improving your oral communication and public speaking skills
  • This program is led by trainers with an excellent knowledge of the world of business communication
  • A bibliography is available for the trainee to prepare this program more effectively


Individual training in videoconferencing.

Required equipment: a computer equipped with a camera and microphone, internet access


Any person, company employee, job seeker, manager, who is required to develop oral communication skills or who regularly speaks in public.


Know how to use a computer equipped with a camera and microphone and how to surf the Internet


Flexible dates, on request


This individual training alternates theoretical courses, practical exercises and simulations.

  • VAK questionnaire (visual, auditory, kinesthetic) self-diagnostic
  • Self-diagnostic communication style
  • VAK: recommendations to recognize the privileged meanings of your interlocutors”
  • 3 guides to prepare an intervention: Preparation/Analysis – Tone of the intervention – Timing of the intervention
  • Guide “Developing Communication through Active Listening”
  • Situations experienced in companies


The schedule of appointments is established by mutual agreement to respect its rhythm and availability as well as the dynamics of the “Developing Oral Communication” program.

To succeed in this program, it is important to keep time to work on the reflective supports that are offered.

A tripartite session bringing together the trainer, the trainee and his Manager can take place at the end of this personalised programme “Developing oral communication” if the trainee is an employee of a company.


French market only: SKILFI is a training organisation registered with the Prefect of the Île-de-France region under number 11 75 58109 75. This registration does not constitute State approval.

Our offers can be supported as part of vocational training by the employer, a Skills Operator (OPCO), the regions, or any other training funder.

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