Duration: 9 individual sessions of 1 hour + 14 hours of supported work + individual follow-up

TARIF: 2 475 EUR excl. VAT


During the key moments of a professional career, it is necessary to consider the development of leadership, especially if you want to become an actor of change within your own organization, in a rapidly changing economic world.

This training allows you to:

  • Design a vision in accordance with your value system
  • Train and engage employees and/or colleagues by effectively communicating their vision
  • Translate its vision into operational actions and ensure effective control
  • Take into account the actors and resources involved
  • Understanding and preventing burnout syndrome


9 sessions will punctuate the rhythm of the “Develop Your Leadership” program, in addition to intermediate work carried out correlatively by the trainee and the consultant.

The content of the sessions is as follows:

  • Specification of objectives
  • Develop leadership knowledge through an update of leaders’ best practices and also the contribution of leadership to managerial practice
  • Evaluate your leadership style, objectives and motivations by taking into account the organizational context, the corporate culture of your organization and your value system
    How to understand and appropriate the company’s vision and give meaning to my teams/employees. This module consists of two sessions
  • How to communicate your vision as a manager and share it as a leader. What are the keys to communicating your vision effectively? This module consists of two sessions, the first one based on techniques allowing dynamic communication, obtaining the support of its team and key interlocutors and the development of its charism and the second one on a simulation.
  • Transform your vision into relevant and successful operational projects. How to be a good strategist in implementing your vision. How to better manage your project with efficiency and success. How to build on existing resources to optimize the implementation of this vision with stakeholders. Finally, understand and prevent burnout syndrome in your team. This module consists of two sessions, the first based on best practices to transform a vision into operational projects and the second on simulation exercises


  • Personalised leadership support: better than traditional training, the trainee benefits from a discovery of the different leadership styles and a real listening in the design and communication of a vision in line with his value system and in its translation into operational actions
  • Intensive and personalized training focused on discovering one’s managerial strengths and rapidly improving one’s leadership skills
  • This program is led by trainers with an excellent knowledge of leadership and successful operational experience
  • A bibliography is available for the trainee to prepare this program more effectively.


One-on-one training in videoconferencing.

Required equipment: a computer equipped with a camera and microphone, internet access


Any person in a current or future leadership and/or management situation


Know how to use a computer equipped with a camera and microphone and how to surf the Internet


Flexible dates, on request


  • Document on Leadership Best Practices
  • Test to assess leadership style and results synthesis document
  • Document on best practices to formalize a vision
  • Document on the keys needed to communicate your vision
  • Document on best practices for transforming a vision into operational projects + simulation exercise
    Prevention Assistance Guide “Burnout Syndrome”


The schedule of meetings is established by mutual agreement to respect its pace and availability as well as the dynamics of the “Develop your leadership” program.

To succeed in this program, it is important to keep time to work on the reflective supports that are offered.

A tripartite session bringing together the trainer, the trainee and his or her Manager can take place at the end of this personalised “Developing Leadership” programme if the trainee is an employee of a company.


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