Duration: 7 individual sessions of 1 hour each by videoconference + 11 hours of accompanied work and individual follow-up

PRICE: 1 500 EUR excl. VAT


Stress is one of the major elements that can impact an employee’s productivity. It is related to emergency management, activity overload or time management.

Managing stress helps to consolidate your balance and professional effectiveness.

This training allows you to:

  • Apply an effective and sustainable stress management strategy
  • Better manage emotions in stressful situations
  • Use individual resources and recover quickly
  • To find a better fulfilment at work and a better individual performance


7 individual sessions will punctuate the rhythm of this “Stress Management” program, in addition to intermediate work carried out correlatively by the employee and the consultant.

The content of the sessions is as follows:

  • Specification of objectives:
    Assess how you function in the face of stress by learning to recognize red flags and better diagnose your stress level. Beforehand, a self-diagnosis is carried out to determine where you stand and define your priorities.
  • Learn to relax intellectually, physically and emotionally. During this module, we identify the different levers of intellectual and physical relaxation, including relaxation, better control of emotions or other signs of recognition to recharge one’s batteries
  • How to protect yourself better and act more positively and effectively: practicing “no”, controlling your emotions and adopting “perception positions” to understand and accept. This module includes two one-hour sessions
  • Build self-confidence, by making “reframing” to strengthen a more effective self-image or by setting limits that should not be exceeded
  • Define a strategy for success with a life plan, a “worklife balance” and a personal “anti-stress” touch


  • An ultra-personalized stress management training: the trainee benefits from a real listening ear and can interact with his trainer in complete confidence
  • Intensive and personalized training focused on discovering how to function in the face of stress, building self-confidence and defining a strategy for success
  • This training is led by trainers with an excellent knowledge of stress management and successful operational experience
  • A bibliography is available for the trainee to prepare this program more effectively


Individual training in videoconferencing.

Required equipment: a computer equipped with a camera and microphone, internet access


Anyone (employee, job seeker, manager) who is subject to or facing stressful situations in their professional activity and who wants to learn how to better control their stress, how to cope with pressures or who wants to gain efficiency in situations of tension.


Know how to use a computer equipped with a camera and microphone and how to surf the Internet


Flexible dates, on request


  • Working document to prepare for self-diagnosis
  • Guide for carrying out the supervised practical exercises
  • Questionnaire to prepare the scenarios
  • Self-diagnostic sheet with search for customized solutions
  • Summary document of its strategy for the success of effective and sustainable stress management


The schedule of appointments is established by mutual agreement to respect its rhythm and availability as well as the dynamics of the “Better manage stress” program.

To succeed in this program, it is important to keep time to work on the reflective supports that are offered.

A tripartite session bringing together the trainer, the trainee and his Manager can take place at the end of this personalised programme “Better manage stress” if the trainee is an employee of a company.


French market only:

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