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Today, the operating and recruitment methods of companies, whatever their size, are constantly evolving. Individual coaching (distance learning, online coaching…) is really a precious help for company managers and human resources teams. Indeed, these new forms of support for various employees are of interest to more and more companies who now choose them on a daily basis for all their employees who prefer them to group training because these individualized accompaniments are focused on the experience of each individual and, as a result, they are much more effective.

It is moreover recognized that individual distance coaching comes to work on real situations experienced in the company and that it offers, thus, situations that reinforce the learning of the employee and develops his panel of knowledge thanks to specific theoretical courses. It is also important to remember that individual coaching is a means of building employee loyalty within the company, with the focus on development being to make the employee grow and to give him or her a value within the organisation.

With our professional team of qualified trainers and certified coaches, we are aware that each professional situation is unique and that is why we have specifically designed for companies a personalised individual support that is recognised as being more effective than group training or e-learning. It also allows you to work on your own experience, share personal situations and find unique support to succeed in your professional career.

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With our individual sessions you get the job you expect


With individual sessions, our career management experts give you all the keys to better professional performance

Image One-to-one career coaching
Image One-to-one career coaching

With SKILFI coaches and consultants you get individual operational advice to make your career a success

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